The creator and head designer Liliya Dilanyan of ISABELLA COUTURE.

Isabella Couture is a high-end luxury brand for children and women that cater to clients all over the world. Liliya Dilanyan was born and raised in Armenia. At the age of 10 she and her family moved to America where they settled in Los Angeles, CA

As she progressed in her work and later got married, she was blessed with a beautiful girl named Aida Isabella. Her daughter is the inspiration for this venture. Isabella is her middle name and when they decided on a name they decided to go with a name that inspired it all. 

It all began with her daughter who was asked to be a flower girl and needed to wear a pretty dress, neither of the family liked what they chose for her so they saw a need and decided to fill that need!  Her mother who's a seamstress for over 40 years helped her with her vision.  Soon after they started marketing the work to more and more audiences.

In 2015 she introduced ISABELLA COUTURE to the world and showcased her very first successful runway show at LAFW. Following her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection in Beverly Hills, CA as well as her NEW Mommy and Mini Collection in 2017.

 In 2016 she opened her very first showroom/studio in Studio City, CA

Dilanyan serves as Creative Director, overseeing the fashion side of the company. 

 " This is what I want to see in children, I want to see happiness, love, attitude. I want them to be inspired, and most of all have fun"

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