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Hi Everyone,


Hi all, my name is Liliya and I am the Founder and Head Designer of Isabella Couture. Isabella Couture is a high-end brand for children and women that caters to clients all over the world, including Australia, Russia, Brazil, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and growing. As for myself, I was born and raised in Armenia. At the age of 10 my family moved to America where we settled in SLC, Utah for 10 years. We then moved to Los Angeles as the majority of our relatives live here. 

As I progressed in my work and later got married, I was blessed to have a beautiful daughter and she's the apple of my eye. She's also very creative, which led to the spark which ignited my endeavor. My daughter is the inspiration for this venture. Isabella is her middle name and when we were deciding on a name for our new adventure, we decided on going with the name that inspired it all. So, we decided on “Isabella Couture” - Couture means high fashion, custom sewing and designing fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements. All of our gowns are specifically made-to-measure for each client.

So it all began with my daughter – She was asked to be a flower girl and would need to wear a pretty dress, neither of us liked what they chose for her and we saw a need and decided to fill that need!  I went to my mom and said we need to make the most beautiful flower girl dress. Well, people noticed! So, my business side woke up when my creative side broke free, I started marketing my work to more and more audiences. Before I knew it, people were placing order after order and I remember the overwhelming excitement I felt.


Our official studio/showroom located in Studio City, CA and our website is

" This is what I want to see in children, I want to see happiness, love, attitude. I want they to be inspired, and most of all have fun"



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