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This was one of the MOST EXTRAVAGANT birthday party we have attended. EVERYTHING was pure beauty. Such beautiful detail, every piece made a WOW statement. It was one of those moments when you walk in and it takes your breath away.

Sona celebrate her 9th Birthday in style. We made a fabulous over the top blush pink Miss Dior inspired birthday dress with handmade flowers and pearls. The dress featured a ball gown style with a soft sheer top and a low V-back. "This was the most comfortable dress ever" Sona has said.  

I remember when they came by for her first fitting and when I showed them how the dress will look like after I added the flower details. Her mother fell in love with the dress and asked for a matching dress for her. And I said YES lets do it since I'm so obsessed with mommy and me fashion I knew that this was gonna be epic ( does that mean out of this world? lol first time I use this word) Sona also had a second dress made for later to change into too and of course the matching one for mommy 😊

The party also featured one of the amazing illustrator Sunny who was sketching all the guests which made a perfect gift. I was amazed how fast and beautiful it was. She even drew that giant photo of Sona that was displayed on the wall. The birthday was beyond and I have to tell you the kids had a total BLAST. DJ played all their favorite songs and everyone was on the dance floor. 

Event Styled: @AlianaEvents

Dress: @Isabella_Couture

Flowers: @CeliosDesign

Illustration: @HappySunnyGu

Photography: @KatieBeverleyPhoto




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