8th Annual LadyLike Foundation featuring Isabella Couture

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Liliya Dilanyan, Jamie Foxx and the models at the 8th Annual LadyLike Foundation     Finale walk with Designer Liliya Dilanyan and her daughter Aida Isabella




A few weekends back on June 4, 2016 Isabella Couture was part of a spectacular event for the 8th Annual Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon with The Lady Like Foundation. The foundation was based on nonprofit organization whose purpose was to educate, empower and inspire young women who are living in unprivileged communities. Some of the honorees and attendee that were spotted at the event were: Kelly Rowland, Mel B, Beth Moskowitz, Marilyn Booker, Tonya Winfield, Tina Knowles & Jamie Foxx. The event was hosted at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Where Isabella Couture showcased the new collection line for Fall of 2016. All with the help of her backstage team.

There was two separate rooms provided for the team. One of the rooms was where most of the action took place, the girls were getting dolled up and preparing for the show with the hair & makeup stylists. The second room located by the event stage was where the fittings happened. The dresses were all organized, hung on racks and ready for the girls. Every dress had a picture of each of the models. 

The girls were getting their makeup and hair done since 7 am, it took about a good 2 hours for everyone to be finished. Once they were all done, we had to head off to the stage for the last final rehearsal. Now let me tell you, the only thing on our mind at this moment was getting the little girls all together and making sure they were not running all around from one side to another for the rehearsal. As we got to the stage/set-up lounge, most of the models remembered their positions. We just had to make sure everyone was aligned and in the correct form. Isabella Couture had a special guest as one of her models, JoJo Siwa who opened the show followed by Aida Isabella along with rest of the models.

Dj Dano, who was also apart of the show collaborated few of our chosen songs together for the show and played it during rehearsal for our girls. The rehearsal went smoothly, all Isabella Couture girls walked down the stage with no hesitation. They were surely ready for the show! After, we took the girls back to the hair and makeup for some touch up. The girls stayed there for an hour or two waiting until it was time for us to go on stage. 

When the time came, they informed us that we will be going on stage within a time range that was given. So we then gathered all of our girls and walked back to the fitting room. We had the girls line up accordingly by the door, about 6 models were taken inside at a time. This was a better and more organized way that we didn't have 28 girls wondering around with dresses trying to put it on themselves. Each model went and found their dress as according to their picture. Of course, we had help of some parents for the little ones and the Isabella Couture team. Six more models came in and same thing until all of our models were prepped and ready. We had one hairstylist and one makeup artist in the room to touch up the girls where needed.

Around 1pm Mia Novack, the event coordinator walked inside with exciting news, that we were about to go on stage in 5 minutes and Jamie Foxx an honoree of the event wanted Isabella Couture models to join him on stage after the finale walk and participate with him. The excitement on their face was priceless. The team got all the girls lined up and ready, to walk towards the back stage. The funny thing was that we had to get the girls backstage through the kitchen, so imagine 28 girls waiting in the kitchen to walk up through the stairs to get to the backstage. Quietly and accordingly we pulled it off. We got our girls  backstage behind the curtains and ready to walk. Mistress of Ceremonies, Holly Robinson gave a brief introduction of Isabella Couture, and the Dj started to play the music that was our sign to walk. JoJo, leading along with Aida and the girls killed the fashion show. The girls were amazing, everyone loved them and they were perfect. The finale ended with with the mother Liliya and daughter Aida walk, dressed in their matching mommy and me gowns. Followed by Jamie Foxx on stage dancing and whipping with the girls.

Towards the end all of our girls and CEO of Isabella Couture Liliya, headed outside the event hall to take pictures. There was a beautiful set up that was done by May to May Design. The Isabella Couture models were captured by many photographers and greeted by many of the guests. 

Isabella Couture thanks Leah Pump, the president of The Lady Like Foundation, for the opportunity of being apart of the event. The girls, as well as Liliya were thankful and honored to walk down the stage in front of many guests. 

And Platinum Events & Productions for putting together this wonderful event to remember.

Isabella Couture would also like to thank our stylists. 

Hair: Liana, Peter, & Rose. 

Makeup: Romina, Shireen, & Kseniya

Lastly a THANK YOU to our 28 wonderful models 

  1. Jojo Siwa
  2. Aida Isabella
  3. Delilah
  4. Aeslin 
  5. Madison
  6. Lily
  7. Sona
  8. Melanie
  9. Bailey
  10. Cashmere
  11. Harlow
  12. Brooklyn
  13. Alexa
  14. Spirit
  15. Isabella
  16. Lola
  17. Brooklyn
  18. Capri
  19. Gigi
  20. Heaven
  21. Kamari
  22. Paris
  23. Zahara
  24. Lucky 
  25. Journey
  26. Eleena
  27. Karry
  28. Nika




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